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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Set to Inspire on Day 3 of IPG 2023 in Takoradi


Takoradi, Ghana – The anticipation is palpable as the International Prophetic Gathering (IPG) 2023 enters its third day in Takoradi. Tonight, the stage is set for a powerful spiritual experience as Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, renowned head pastor of KICC (Kingsway International Christian Centre) in London, takes the podium to deliver his message.

Pastor Ashimolowo’s presence in Takoradi ahead of the IPG has stirred excitement among attendees and locals alike. As he arrived alongside Bishop Ogyri Asare, the lead pastor of the host church, Zion Praise Chapel International, the air was charged with an energy of hope and expectancy.

Bishop Ogyri Asare’s invitation to Pastor Ashimolowo was a gesture of unity and shared faith, symbolizing the collaboration between two influential spiritual leaders. The aim: to bring a message of inspiration and renewal to all those gathered for this significant event.

The theme of Pastor Ashimolowo’s message, “Get ready to receive Jesus,” has resonated deeply with the community. His words hold the promise of a transformative encounter, a chance to connect with spirituality on a profound level. As attendees flock to Zion Praise Chapel International on this third day of IPG 2023, hearts are open and eager for the insights and wisdom that Pastor Ashimolowo will share.

With the sun beginning to set over the tranquil town of Takoradi, the anticipation builds. The town is poised to receive the guidance and inspiration that Pastor Ashimolowo is known for. As the evening unfolds, the International Prophetic Gathering (IPG) 2023 promises to be a memorable and spiritually enriching experience for all those who have gathered to be a part of this remarkable event.


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